Scheduling of print jobs using CUPS?

Michael Sweet mike at
Tue Jul 27 10:53:58 PDT 2004

Anonymous wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a new user to CUPS and I am trying to determine whether it
> supports the scheduling of jobs for specific times. For example we
> would like to be able to specify that a certain job should only run
> after 8pm so that it does not hog the printer for the whole day.
> I did notice that the commercial PRINTPRO software from easysw has
> this ability, does anybody know whether it is/will be supported in
> CUPS itself?

Yes, using the job-hold-until option, e.g.:

     lp -o job-hold-until=HH:MM:SS filename

where "HH:MM:SS" is the GMT/UTC/ZULU hold time.

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