[cups.general] Re: concate postscript [was: input tray selection - pdftops vs. ghostscript]

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Wed Jul 28 13:11:47 PDT 2004

foomatic-rip from linuxprinting.org does mid-job changing of all 
options, restarting GhostScript if needed (if new PJL commands are 
necessary or the GhostScript command line has to be changed).

One simply specifies options with page ranges:

lpr -P printer -o 1-3:MediaType=ThickPaper -o 1-3:InputSlot=Upper -o 
ColorMode=Gray -o 8-10,13,18-:ColorMode=RGB -o 
odd:WaterMark=Confidential file.ps


Michael Sweet wrote:
> Björn Pusch wrote:
>> ...
>> Do you have any other idea how to handle this? Or can we just cut off
>> all the DSC comments? Besides this, using gs, this does not seem to
>> cause any trouble.
> You need to do a proper merge of the two files.  Certain printer
> commands require a new job (via JCL commands or other means) to
> change the printer state - it is really a printer-specific issue,
> and not all printers support changing media in the middle of a
> job...

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