filtering vnd.cups-raw

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at
Tue Jul 13 12:59:56 PDT 2004

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 02:49:32 -0500, Christoph Litauer wrote:

> Is it possible to define a filter chain that is called even if the user
> uses -oraw or -l?
> Background: Sometimes my users want to print postscript files that are
> not DSC comliant. Since cups expects DSC comliant Postscript code for
> psotps and foomatic-rip, printing such documents often fails. I could
> bypass this problem if I enable raw printing. Then all those file could
> be printed with lpr -oraw. But for some reason there is one filter that
> has to be applied to all documents. So I need a filter chain for mime
> type application/vnd.cups-raw but I was not able to define one. Is it
> possible?
Uncomment the line in mime.convs that says:
application/octet-stream        application/vnd.cups-raw        0       -

Then change the "-" to your filter.

Disclaimer: I just learned how to add a printer specific filter by adding
a cupsFilter line to the PPD, and how to insert a global filter in the chain by
creating a dummy mime-type.  So I think I know what I am doing now, but I
might be wrong.

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