Startup error message for HP Printer

Russbucket russbucket at
Tue Jul 27 15:45:32 PDT 2004

When I first start SuSE9.0 Personal version I get the following messages in
the boot.msg log.

Stopping the HP OfficeJet Linux driver.
Starting the HP OfficeJet Linux driver.

<notice>exit status of (ptal-init) is (0)

Starting cupsddone

ptal-mlcd: ERROR at ExMgr.cpp:4063,
dev=<mlc:usb:OfficeJet_G55@/dev/usb/lp0>, pid=900, e=20, t=1090967446
libusbFindDevice: Couldn't find device!

I have reinstaled PTAL and followed all the instructions. The printer is an
HP OfficeJet G55. It prints fine. The scanner does not work due to a
hardware failure. Is there a way to eliminate this error message or do I
need to reinstall again. Logging on to the CUPS admin says the printer is

Thanks for any ideas!

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