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Mon Jul 26 07:12:29 PDT 2004

In a message dated: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 17:08:30 EDT
Michael Sweet said:

>skyrocker67 at yahoo.com wrote:
>> Hello:
>> Would any one have the debian package of cups i have tried as i may
>> to compile and could not i would be much easier just to have a deb
>> file and click on it why havent you folks at cups done this already?
>> should you yes you should more people would use cups
>If I understand you correctly, you are looking for Debian packages
>of CUPS?  If so, grab the Debian cupsys packages or use EPM to create
>Debian packages from the standard CUPS sources.

And if you need a newer CUPS package than that which is available for 
your release, then check backports.org.

(btw, it's not up to the software developers to package their 
software for any given architecture/release, that's strictly upto the 
OS distributor, so if your favorite software isn't available for your 
platform, complain to the OS distributor, not the software 
development group).

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