Pausing printers from Windows, using IPP [long]

Manuel Capinha mainfram3 at
Thu Jul 22 07:12:12 PDT 2004

Hi, thanks for your answer.

I know the web interface preety well by now and it does everything that I need. But the people I work with showed some reservations using it and I want this transition to be as painfull as possible to them (otherwise, it probably won't get implemented...)

In the meanwhile I tried using CUPS over Samba again, to discover that now I can do everything I need with it.. CUPS over Samba was my first try and it gave me problems then, but they seem to have gone away now.. unfortunately, I'm not sure what I changed to have everything working (printer pausing/resuming, job cancel..)

The only problem I'm experiencing is that Windows or Samba or CUPS doesn't refresh the printer state. If I cancel a job or if I pause a printer, this isn't reflected in the printer spool. I have to hit F5/refresh to see the current state of the print spool.
Does anyone have any ideas why this happens ?

I think I'll have to go bug the Samba people now :)

Helge Blischke wrote:
> Check out what you can do using the web interface. It can be used
> from almost any browser, and access to things like stopping/starting
> a printer, deleting jobs etc. may be individually configured.
> Helge
> Manuel Capinha wrote:

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