pdf printing issues

Tim Huff thuff at colorfxmarketing.net
Thu Jul 29 16:07:54 PDT 2004


thanks for the help. i was able to get it to work if i went "the long way," manually convert the pdf to ps using the command line pdftops, edit the resulting ps file to replace the Creator and Title DSC comments and send the file down to the rip using lp.

i'll submit a STR for this.



Michael Sweet wrote:
> Tim Huff wrote:
> > i am trying to print/download some pdf files to a printer using the
> > lp command. when i do a "lp -d printer filename.pdf", on the
> > printer's rip there is no filename and the owner shows up as
> > "xpdf/pdftops 2.02pl1." i am using gentoo linux with cups 1.1.20-r1
> > to print the files.
> >
> > when i issue the same command on my mac (osx 10.3.4), i get the
> > proper owner and file name down on the rip.
> >
> > any ideas how to get the owner and filename to show up properly on
> > the gentoo box?
> Sounds like the DSC comments that Xpdf is putting in the PS output
> are not being taken from the PDF file.  Please file a RFE for this
> at:
>      http://www.cups.org/str.php
> That will allow us to track the issue and fix it in a future
> release of CUPS.
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