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Michael Sweet mike at
Mon Jul 5 11:11:05 PDT 2004

RB wrote:
> Hi !
> I need to configure my print queue to print a banner page, which I figured out just fine using Classifications.
> My goal is to have a banner page print before each job, with generic info. This I can do without problem.
> My problem is that I do not want the banner to appear on every other page of the print job. Right now, the name of the classification appears in a box at the top of every other page.
> Is there a way to disable this? I've been looking all over and searched this list, but I haven't found out how.
> Would I need to modify the source code? I hope not... :-(

Don't use the classification stuff, then.  Instead, use lpadmin to
set the default job-sheets setting, as follows:

     lpadmin -p printer -o job-sheets-default=secret,secret

(replace "secret" with whatever banner you need)

You can also set this via the web interface, however you may run
into authentication issues on MacOS X.

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