[cups.general] CUPS mit Internet Printing Protocol(http), jedoch mit SSL (https)

Kai Richter k.p.richter at gmx.de
Tue Jul 6 11:36:44 PDT 2004

> Check if oyur browser supports (and is configured to support) SSL and/or
> TLS.

my browser mozilla 1.7 supports ssl
> Also, see the comments in the cupsd.conf file of the distibution.
cups is already running at my server PC with ssl, but my network PC with no printer attached 
cannot send a document to the printserver with SSL.
Both running cups.

> PS: This is an english speaking newsgroup - if is not polite to post in
> other
> languages many of the reades may not understand.
upps tomorrow I will write my question in English. Thanks ;-)


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