[cups.general] Sharing Printers in Windows

Guenther Frick anonymous at easysw.com
Thu Jul 8 14:17:22 PDT 2004

"Vitor Alexandre S. Marinho" wrote:
> Hello everybody, i=B4m sharing a printer that is locally in a windows 2k,=
>  so
> when i try to add this printers using the browser like
> and i add a printer, my test page fails. So, wher=
> e i
> can get a tutorial about how i need fill the options when a i add a print=
> er
> using a browser?
> thanks
> vitor
The easiest way to share a Windows attached printer is via LPD.
IPP doesn't work because Windows, even Server2003, only supports
IPP v1.0 and uses different and proprietary authentication methods.

The method using LPD is described here in depth:

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