HP Laserjet 4050 -> Cannot choose InputSlot

h.freundel at gmx.net h.freundel at gmx.net
Tue Jul 13 01:53:21 PDT 2004

I'm using a HP Laserjet 4050 in a cups-system. I installed the printer
twice: printer1 with MediaSource Tray 1 and printer2 with MediaSource
Tray2. If I use the printers in OpenOffice, they take the paper from
the MediaSource I set. But if I use them from Shell I'm not able to
change the InputSlot.

What I have done:
  I proofed, whether the driver is installed:
     <lpinfo -m>:
     HP-PostScript/HP_LaserJet_4050_Series.ppd.gz HPLaserJet 4050
Series PS

  I was looking, how to specify the InputSlot:
     <lpoptions -h server -p printer1 -l>
     <lpoptions -h server -p printer2 -l>:
     InputSlot/Medien-Quelle : Upper ManualFeed *Middle Lower
LargeCapacity ...
  I tried the following commands, but the printer just takes paper
from Tray 1
  (upper InputSlot):

     lpr -P printer1 test.ps
     lpr -P printer2 test.ps
     lpr -P printer1 -o InputSlot=Upper test.ps
     lpr -P printer1 -o InputSlot=Middle test.ps
     lpr -P printer2 -o InputSlot=Upper test.ps
     lpr -P printer2 -o InputSlot=Middle test.ps

Thank you for any help.

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