Allow anyone to cancel/hold any print job

Manuel Capinha mainfram3 at
Wed Jul 21 12:31:33 PDT 2004

Hi Marc.
I've had the same problem, the only way I found to fix it was by adding the following, to my printer's <Location> directive in cups.conf:

Require valid-user

This made it work, at least for Windows clients. Before adding the Require command, Windows was only sending the username of the job owner,and wasn't performing any actual authentication.

Hope this helps!

In article <cdj9b3$615$1 at>,
	Marc Schmitt <mschmitt at> writes:
> Hello all,
> I can't find a way to allow anyone to kill any print jobs.
> I tried things like this:
> <Location /jobs>
>   Order Deny,Allow
>   AuthClass Anonymous
>   AuthType None
>   Deny From All
>   Allow From
>   Allow From @IF(eth0)
>   Allow From @IF(eth1)
> </Location>
> But I always get
> hold_job: "" not authorized to hold job id 1 owned by "mschmitt"!
> in the error.log. Is this basicly denied or how should I configure it to allow anyone to hold/cancel any job?
>      Marc

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