problems with linking a headerfile in a c++ program

Michael Sweet mike at
Wed Jul 21 07:37:34 PDT 2004

Matt Tellschaft wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm currently try to write a c++ program under Gentoo2 Linux, which uses the cupsGetJobs()and the cupsFreeJobs() functions.
> The problem is, I always get the message that these functins are undefined, although there is a line '#include "/path/cups.h"' and
> '#include "/path/language.h"'.
> I can't find the mistake. Any of you had similar problems?

Is there are reason you are not using:

     #include <cups/cups.h>
     #include <cups/language.h>


Also, did you link against the CUPS library, e.g. "-lcups" on the
link command?

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