chris at reefs.com.ar chris at reefs.com.ar
Thu Jul 1 11:42:50 PDT 2004

i RTFM'd. heck, i BOUGHT TFM'd:
HP Deskjet 845C (USB - CUPS sees it as /dev/lpctl0), FreeBSD 4.10, only PPD file I can find appears to be a generic "HP.PPD", the test files (for instance, from mozilla) go to the queue, but when you pull up the cups admin page (from moz: and look at job status, you get "error: client exited" everytime; however, it DOES see the printer and it IS online. when i run thr sample test shell "hello echo script" (forget the exact syntax, sorry) i DO get a hello message (that jams, printer set to a4, cups seems to be set to letter, or something)

sorry to pester, I'm sure this is a LAME issue

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