Getting color on a Xerox Phaser 6250

Patrick Spinler pspinler at
Thu Jul 1 07:06:56 PDT 2004

Hi all:

Our office recently purchased a color Xerox Phaser 6250 printer.  I 
visited the xerox web site, found a set of proprietary linux (!) drivers 
for it, and extracted a ppd file from the driver directory tree.

The ppd file identifies itself as a Xerox generic Laser Printer driver.

Using this ppd and the lpd protocol, I am able to print to this printer, 
but, no color.

I assume that the ppd file has something to do with this.  Can someone 
please give me a hint as to what sort of hackery I need perform on the 
ppd file in order to enable color printing to this device ?

Thanks a ton !
-- Pat

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