Can't printpwd from remote lpd (Solaris) box

daniel.rawson at take!this!out! daniel.rawson at take!this!out!
Fri Jul 2 09:02:10 PDT 2004

I have a Solaris 9 (Intel) box with CUPS installed and working.  I can print from the local box and from my Windows box via samba.

However, I can't print from a remote Solaris (SPARC) box.

The printers.conf entry on the remote computer looks like:


If I attempt to print to this printer, I get a message that looks like:

$ Jul  2 11:39:38 <hostname> lp[2088]: Warning: Received SIGPIPE; continuing

        Message from root on <hostname> (???) [ Fri Jul  2 11:39:38 ] ...

        Error transfering print job 241
                 check queue for (dj810@<remote-host>)

There's NOTHING in the cups log files when this happens, even in debug2 mode.

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