[cups.general] emulate CUPS - hwoto

Norbert Kamenicky noro at xmedia.sk
Thu Jul 1 10:14:45 PDT 2004

Helmut Jarausch wrote:
> Hi,
> (only) one of my applications (Maple) needs CUPS.
> Since I don't need a full grown printing service,
> how can I write tiny Python (or Perl) script which emulates a CUPS
> server which is recognized e.g. by Maple.
> Many thanks for a pointer,

I newer heard about "Maple", but u have to check if it needs
only CUPS commands (like "lp").

If only commands are needed, it must be pretty simple to write 
replacements for them in your favorite scripting language.

If it needs CUPS libraries or CUPS demon, forget it.


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