rastertopcl creating very large (> 2 GB) files

Anonymous anonymous at easysw.com
Mon Jul 26 14:07:40 PDT 2004

Michael Sweet wrote:
> Anonymous wrote:
> > ...
> >> Nope, nothing has changed in the '5000 driver.  What type of
> >> connection are you using to the printer ("lpstat -v" will show)?
> >
> > We're connecting via lpd right now.  This printer has a printjet lpd
> > server directly connected to it, so we're just interfacing with that.
> > Perhaps there is a better way?
> Well, the LPD protocol requires a file size, and both CUPS 1.1.x and
> your print server (most likely) do not support sizes >2GB.  If you
> use the "socket" scheme instead then you will avoid any mention of
> the print data size on either end...

Yeah, CUPS had been crashing on >2GB.  The printer itself does not support >2GB files either.  I changed to the IPP scheme and it seems to be printing (though very, very slowly).  The hard drive on the printer is only 4.8 GB, and the temporary HPGL2 file produced is ~6GB, so I assume IPP uses some sort of streaming over TCP/IP rather than a block copy(?).  Does "socket" stream, and if so is it faster at transfering data than IPP?

The weird thing is that before upgrading, similar files (100-200 MB TIFFS) would print with no problem (even with lpd as the connection type). . .

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