[cups.bugs] cups-lpd eats tons of resources [wlz.nl: #36]

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Mon Jul 5 06:07:17 PDT 2004

Erik Slagter wrote:
>>Asking for a way to disable the current functionality falls under
>>"asking for a feature".
> Done.


>>FWIW, we have dramatically improved the performance of cupsGetDests
>>and thus cups-lpd over the years, but I am not sure there are too
>>many optimizations left on that code path; there is overhead
>>associated with IPP and layering LPD on top of IPP, and since we
>>already optimize what data we retrieve on printers we'll need to
>>look for more optimizations at the IPP/HTTP level.  (I think the
>>new domain socket support in CUPS 1.2 plus some new buffering code
>>might help things a bit, but I don't know how visibly it will
>>improve LPD performance...)
> How about a new function to inquire a single printer queue instead of
> all of them? If that's not feasable, then please resort to make the
> inquery optional alltogether.

It might be possible to include a single-printer query function in
cups-lpd through some duplication of the cupsGetDests() code; I
doubt that we would include this as part of the CUPS API (how
useful would it be in the general case?  Not very useful IMHO...)
but it is certainly technically possible.

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