cups-- default printer?

unruh at unruh at
Sat Jul 3 21:37:18 PDT 2004

Michael Sweet wrote:
> unruh at wrote:
> >  ...
> > There is no option anywhere on that web setup to choose the default
> > printer. There is also nothing anywhere to delete a printer that I can
> > find.
> This was added in 1.1.21...

I have looked at this in 1.1.21 now. It tries to delete the printer on the printer host, not the client. While that is useful, what I was also asking for was the ability to remove a printer from a client-- Ie, a host advertises a printer on a net, but for whatever reason, I do not want the printer to be useable on a client on that net. As far as I know there is no way to remove a broadcast printer from a client's list of printers.

Also, the default printer goes to the host to set the default, and does not set it up on the client.

I have about 10 computers on a network with a bunch of other computers. Only these 10 computers should have access to my printer, and other people's printers (located in entirely different sections) should not be accessible to my users, or even seen on their machines. One of the 4 computers I advertise should be the default printer for all my machines.

Now, one vihecle is lpoptions, but that does not always work. Ie, my printer hp1 is in the default on all my machines, but I will still find LOCAL_LP1 as the default (lpq lists it and lpr sends to it) instead of hp1.

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