rastertopcl creating very large (> 2 GB) files

Anonymous anonymous at easysw.com
Sat Jul 24 11:27:48 PDT 2004

rastertopcl seems to have begun attempting to create large (> 2 GB) temporary (/var/spool/cups/tmp) print files.  This causes the print job to fail because CUPS doesn't understand large files.  This doesn't seem to have been the case before ESP printpro 4.4.1, but I'm not sure.

Basically, this happens when I attempt to print image files to a HP Designjet 5000 (42 inch paper roll width) with a media=custom.WxH where the H is greater than about 54 inches and W is 40 inches.  It used to be possible to print poster of more than 8x4 foot dimensions.

Unfortunately, I don't have a good indication of when this happened, perhaps with a change to CUPS 1.1.20 from 1.1.19 or an upgrade to printpro 4.4.1 (not sure from what version).

I've modified CUPS to allow the creation and spooling to the printer of > 2 GB files, but the printer can't handle such large files anyway, so that doesn't help.  Is there some sort of compression on the PJL/HPGL2 files that used to happen but no longer does?

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