rastertopcl creating very large (> 2 GB) files

Anonymous anonymous at easysw.com
Mon Jul 26 10:56:20 PDT 2004

Michael Sweet wrote:
> First, this isn't the right group for Print Pro questions; either
> use printpro.general or the ESP support pages at:
>      http://www.easysw.com/support.php
> Second, rastertopcl doesn't create temp files, but the RIP and
> in some cases the backend may do so.

My bad, sorry.  I wasn't sure where the problem was occurring. . .

I've done some more investigating, and if I convert a raster image to a
Postscript image of the desired page size dimensions prior to printing,  CUPS does not create a ridiculously large temp file and the poster prints correctly.

> > Is there some sort of compression on
> > the PJL/HPGL2 files that used to happen but no longer does?
> Nope, nothing has changed in the '5000 driver.  What type of
> connection are you using to the printer ("lpstat -v" will show)?

We're connecting via lpd right now.  This printer has a printjet lpd server directly connected to it, so we're just interfacing with that.  Perhaps there is a better way?

This is the typical path an image takes to be printed:
Solaris CUPS client (no cupsd running) ---> Slackware CUPS print server (cupsd running) ---> (via lpd) HP DJ 5000 printer.

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