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Michael Sweet mike at
Sun Jul 4 15:53:19 PDT 2004

Paul Repacholi wrote:
> Michael Sweet <mike at> writes:
>>In the future, if you find something please report it using the
>>form at:
> From the support page:
> "General support requests sent to "cups-support at cups dot org" or to
> the Software Trouble Report form are ignored unless you have a
> commercial support agreement with Easy Software Products."
> So which do you want people to do? News groups or STP on the web?

Use the newsgroups for general questions.  If you find a problem
(i.e. a bug) or want to ask for a new feature, report it using the
STR form.  The STR form tracks changes made to the software, and
while we may ask questions for clarification, we do not provide
general support via the form, just via the newsgroups.

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