[cups.bugs] cups-lpd eats tons of resources [wlz.nl: #36]

Erik Slagter eslagter at wlz.nl
Mon Jul 5 03:45:01 PDT 2004

> Asking for a way to disable the current functionality falls under
> "asking for a feature".


> FWIW, we have dramatically improved the performance of cupsGetDests
> and thus cups-lpd over the years, but I am not sure there are too
> many optimizations left on that code path; there is overhead
> associated with IPP and layering LPD on top of IPP, and since we
> already optimize what data we retrieve on printers we'll need to
> look for more optimizations at the IPP/HTTP level.  (I think the
> new domain socket support in CUPS 1.2 plus some new buffering code
> might help things a bit, but I don't know how visibly it will
> improve LPD performance...)

How about a new function to inquire a single printer queue instead of
all of them? If that's not feasable, then please resort to make the
inquery optional alltogether.

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