Problems adding printers via a script.

Michael Sweet mike at
Wed Jul 14 13:11:08 PDT 2004

Anonymous wrote:
> Unfortunately Red Hat do not support 1.1.20 or 1.1.21rc1 yet -- and
> keeping support for the OS is important to me.
> So is there a better way of adding large numbers of printers into
> cups - via a different command line tool or generating XML for
> import?

Nope, about all you can do is generate a new printers.conf, copy
it and the PPDs to /etc/cups and /etc/cups/ppd, and then restart
the CUPS service.

Of course, since you have support you can report this problem to
Red Hat and let them know that 1.1.20 and higher do not have this
problem, and that to support you they have to provide you with
that version...

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