Problems adding printers via a script.

Michael Sweet mike at
Fri Jul 9 04:46:59 PDT 2004

Anonymous wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to write a script which will add a number of printers to
> new systems.  I've generated a very simple script which runs lpadmin
> in a loop, each loop adding one printer to the system.
> When the commands are run manually everything works OK, but as soon
> as I put them into the loop, a random selection of lpadmin adds fail
> with random errors.

What OS?

What version of CUPS?

Compiled from source?  Or a binary package?

> I added a "sleep 10" in to the loop and everything works fine, but
> very slowly (I'm adding 100 printers).
> Is there a better way of adding pritners to a system than using
> lpadmin?


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