[cups.bugs] cups-lpd eats tons of resources [wlz.nl: #36]

Erik Slagter eslagter at wlz.nl
Thu Jul 1 04:37:24 PDT 2004

> > Then I had a look at the source (from CVS) and found out that this
> > indeed the case and is solely done to confirm whether a given
> > printqueue actually exists.

> It is not just for that reason, it is also to support instances and
> printer options.

Yes, I saw that, but we don't use them at all.

> We won't accept your patch as-is,

That indeed wasn't intended, it was only meant as to describe the issue.

> however we would probably accept
> a patch that added a command-line option to disable the destination
> calls.

I was hoping some people of the cups project would do that... I do not
have time spare to dive thoroughly into this matter and produce a patch
that will work on any system.

Also it might be a good idea to implement a function that queries a
single printerqueue instead of all of them in libcups (if it isn't
already there). That would make fixing cups-lpd really simple.

> Please note that cups-lpd is only provided as a migration tool - it
> does not and cannot provide the same level of performance that the
> native IPP scheduler provides.

Yeah, but some of us don't have the choice.

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