HP Deskjet 3420 Lockup

Helge Blischke H.Blischke at srz-berlin.de
Sun Jul 11 10:25:35 PDT 2004

Anonymous wrote:
> HP Deskjet 3420 Lockup
> through cups, this is the only printer i know to stop dead in printing and force itself into stop mode on the CUPS console.  Only when printing images though.
> This printer runs fine under other systems so i know it's not the printer as it's the first thing i checked.
> It requires a restart of linux and a complete reset of the printer to get the printer printing again.
> any work arounds?
> oh, btw - i am quite impressed at cups, it certainly has done away with the command line for me :>

See the notes on www.linuxprinting.org about this printer and the
recommended driver to use.


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