CUPS scrashed by a job submission

Michael Sweet mike at
Thu Jul 22 06:45:04 PDT 2004

Anonymous wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am using CUPS 1.1.19 (that comes with RedHat Enterprise Linux 3)
> since some months and am happy with it.
> This morning, I found my server hanged, with memory full and cups
> crashed! After investingating, I found that a job request file
> (/var/spool/cups/c0xxx) was 2gB large, and its loading was preventing
> cups from restarting! The corresponding data file
> /var/spool/cups/d0xxxx was a pdf file of 200kB. The job was submitted
> via Samba.

If you saved the "c" file, can you gzip it and put it up somewhere
for us to look at?  It might be useful in tracking the problem down.

> Has anyone once encountered the same problem, and by any chance found
> the reason why this happened?

Nope, we've never had any reports of this.

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