Samba/CUPS problem

Ben benwillard at
Fri Jul 16 12:48:43 PDT 2004

I'm using Samba and CUPS to print to a Canon i550 on a Windows machine from my Knoppix box. I have the drivers set up somewhat properly (I'm using BJC7100 with a bjc800 driver which is what most people seem to have the most luck with) and it prints pages perfectly... if the queue is empty.

If I log onto the Windows machine and watch the printing queue it'll show all the jobs I've sent it, but once it's done the first one, it doesn't finish, it just keeps saying "Printing" and it doesn't go to the next job. I found this [ ] on a Samba help page which somewhat describes my problems, but it's written for LPD when I'm using CUPS.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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