problem with '*PrinterError: "cover open"/cover open'

Alex Owen owen at
Sun Jul 18 08:21:31 PDT 2004

I've just installed cupsddk-1.0 and I wanted to test it with a real HP ppd.

I wanted to use ppdi on a real ppd then ppdc the created ppdi.drv .
The HP ppd has the line:
 *PrinterError: "cover open"/cover open
which when run through ppdi turns into the line
 Attribute "PrinterError" "" ""cover open"/cover open"
which causes ppdc to fail with
 ppdc: Unknown token "open/cover open" seen on line 123 of ppdi.drv!

Is this expected behaviour?
Editing the Attribute line in ppdi.drv by hand I was unable to persuade ppdc to recreate the '*PrinterError: "cover open"/cover open' line!

Am I doing something wrong or am I asking too much of ppdi/ppdc?
Alex Owen

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