[cups.development] New Feature: clean job at start

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Thu Jul 8 11:47:03 PDT 2004

Klaus Singvogel wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm sitting here at the FreeSoftware Conference at Bordeaux
> (ABUL2004) and Pierre Jarillon came up with a wonderful idea for a
> very nice, new feature for CUPS:
> he is suggesting to add a new option to the server configuration,
> e.g. "CleanJobsAtStart" which removes all active jobs from the CUPS
> server as soon as it is started. Some user expect that shuting
> down the computer and restarting it would remove all jobs from
> printing system. CUPS doesn't do this till yet.
> Feel free to comment or to implement. :-)

Well, it doesn't do that for a very good reason - you normally don't
want to lose jobs after a reboot or restart of the scheduler.

Linux distributors could very easily implement this in the init
script by removing all of the "c" and "d" files in /var/spool/cups
prior to starting the scheduler.

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