[cups.development] CUPS can't handle high frequency of reques t!

Sanjay Mishra Samishra at quark.co.in
Mon Jul 19 01:36:45 PDT 2004

Thanks to Mike to point to that I dont have enough memory. My hard disk was
near full.  I am in the process of cleaning my hard disk by stashing away
files. Once done I will check it again on my G4.

I checked the application on G5 with 512MB of RAM and enough of hard disk
space and there is no problem on that one.

Sanjay Mishra

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Sanjay Mishra wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> The system configuration is as follows:
> Hardware:
> 	RAM 256MB,
> 	800 MHz single processor
> 	Hard disk size 40GB 
> Operating System:
> 	Mac OS 10.3
> MyApplication Requires: 
> 	Virtual Memory :300MB * n [ n for number of process my
 > application spawn. Default is 4 and I am currently testing on
 > this default value.]
> ...
> limit(4096)" followed by "configured for upto 1365 clients". Can you
> confirm this ? Could this limit be the reason for my problem.

No, you aren't running out of file descriptors, you are running out
of memory.  The system can't fork because you have 1.2GB used
up by your programs.  I'm surprised it works at all given that
you only have 256MB of physical RAM.

> When I configured PreserveJobHistory to "No" and MaxJobs to 0 for no
> limit it did increase the transaction count significantly. I haven't
> tried with FilterLimit values. I assume it might not have any affect.

If you have multiple queues, it will help some, but I think your
main problem is that you are loading 1.2GB of programs and data
on a system with only 256MB of physical RAM - the system will
likely be swapping constantly, and at some point will run out of

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