pieterjandeboeck at yahoo.co.uk pieterjandeboeck at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 23 03:41:49 PDT 2004


with one printjob in the queue on HOLD

>> I connect to cupsd:

http = httpConnectEncrypt(cupsServer() , ippPort(), cupsEncryption() ) ;

>> I also set the user and password (before or after connecting?):


(Those values are correct)

>> I retrieve the pending jobs in a jobs* array using:

currentNewJobCount = cupsGetJobs( &jobs, NULL, 1, 0);

(so far so good: status is IPP_OK)

>> I then request an operation using;


(status at this point becomes: IPP_NOT AUTORIZED, sometimes IPP_FORBIDDEN)

2 questions:

- Am i to set the user and password before connecting or the other way around?
- cupsDoRequest sends back IPP_FORBIDDEN or IPP_NOT_AUTORIZED
   that's pretty straightforward but i'm sure the pass and login are correct. I'm logged in as a user with admin rights. the user is "root enabled". Anything else you can think of?


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