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pieterjandeboeck at pieterjandeboeck at
Tue Jul 13 06:13:09 PDT 2004

Per request:

> workflow:

Any program does a print operation, then I want to be able to rename the name that appears in the printcenter (the name that identifies the job) before it is sent to the printer. Doing this with AENotifications on the application level is very difficult because the standard printoperation does not have a field for this: it uses the window or document title, which is directly derived from the last file name. Which makes it teribly impracticle to mess around with.

With the centralized Cups it is much easier to capture incoming jobs, hold them, request a new name through a window, change the name and then let it resume the printing.

I'm doing this by repeatedly querying the cupsd for new printjobs.

Michael already confirmed that a notification method would be available (likely) from cups 1.2 which would allow anyone application that registers to be notified of such things as incomming jobs.

That's it. If I got anything wrong please post.

BTW: when is cups 1.2 comming out?


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