Lpoptions not when IPP submissions?

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Fri Jul 9 18:42:36 PDT 2004

Enrique Perez-Terron wrote:
> ...
> But even If I put some option values in the PPD file, how are those
> values communicated to the filters and to the backend? My filter is a
> raster filter, i.e. it comes after pstoraster.

Normally, you will get any job options on the command-line.  Options
that have been configured in the PPD are available there - use the
ppdOpenFile, ppdMarkDefault, cupsParseOptions, and cupsMarkOptions
functions to set the PPD options for the current job, and then use
ppdFindMarkedChoice function to determine the PPD option in effect
for that job.

If you make use of the page device dictionary to store per-page
options, you can look in the raster header.

> Is there a way to specify in the PPD file that an option belongs in
> the fifth argument to the filters?

argv[5] generally only contains those options which are different
from those selected by default in the PPD.


That said, Apple (and I assume this is on MacOS X - you didn't specify)
does not use the lpoptions code to track user defaults, so getting the
options from /etc/cups/lpoptions or ~/.lpoptions is of no use there.

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