Simple accounting filter/backend (With Perl or another script language)

Nayco anonymous at
Thu Jul 8 16:21:18 PDT 2004

Jerome Alet wrote:
> Nayco wrote:
> > I tried
> > to read Pykota's code (the backend part), but I don't konw Python,
> > so I sometimes can only guess what's done...
> Why the hell didn't you ask the author ?
> This is Free Software !

Well, no you say it... ;-)

Ok, I've paused my research for a few weeks, i'll continue during holidays... In a couple of days. I've managed to make my backend work, I mean, actually print something by calling the real backend (Faking its name).

Now, I need to practice a little Perl-Mysql (Not too hard), and much harder, I need to design my database structure... Something i'm not very good at, knowing that wrong design will slow either printing a job, or dynamically generating a report web page...

My aim is not to make a full billing system (Users don't pay for printings where I work, they only pay when being stupid ;-p), but just to know how much somenone prints, and maybe managing quotas to prevent printing when it's over.

So, in the few next weeks, you may have mail ;-)
>Merci de proposer ton aide !<

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