[cups.development] New Feature: clean job at start

Klaus Singvogel kssingvo at suse.de
Fri Jul 9 07:43:31 PDT 2004

Michael Sweet wrote:
> Klaus Singvogel wrote:
> >Hello,
> >I'm sitting here at the FreeSoftware Conference at Bordeaux
> >(ABUL2004) and Pierre Jarillon came up with a wonderful idea for a
> >very nice, new feature for CUPS:
> >he is suggesting to add a new option to the server configuration,
> >e.g. "CleanJobsAtStart" which removes all active jobs from the CUPS
> >server as soon as it is started. Some user expect that shuting
> >down the computer and restarting it would remove all jobs from
> >printing system. CUPS doesn't do this till yet.
> >
> >Feel free to comment or to implement. :-)
> Well, it doesn't do that for a very good reason - you normally don't
> want to lose jobs after a reboot or restart of the scheduler.

I agree, butg only partly.

I think its more dependend on the kind of user you are. :-) If you
are an unfamiliar user, probably coming from Windows, and switiching
the printer and computer off to stop this nearly empty paper ejecting
job, then its the thing you are execpting to do.

If you are a server administrator, who is shutting down the machine
for a maintainance, then you might not activate it.

Therefore we suggested to add an option into the server, which can
be activated case dependend (and modified by 3rd party config tools
like YaST :-).

> Linux distributors could very easily implement this in the init
> script by removing all of the "c" and "d" files in /var/spool/cups
> prior to starting the scheduler.

Thanks, I can do it in this way. :-)

Still I think it should be added into the cups system itself and
not distro dependend.

Best regards,
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