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David Shay wrote:
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>>David Shay wrote:
>>>This configuration is reported to work on, but the
>>>directions there indicate that the device should show up as a SCSI
> device
>>>when you cat /proc/scsi/scsi.  Mine does not show up there.  I am
> running
>>>kernel 2.6, not sure if that matters.  Anyone else got this working
> under
>>>2.6?  even under 2.4?  If so, care to share relevant portions of your
> kernel
>>The 2200 does not support SCSI over firewire, only the PWG protocol.
> So does that mean that the Epson 2200 over firewire is not compatible at all
> with CUPS?  Therefore the entry at
> ( is
> incorrect?  Anyway to make this work?

We were working on a Firewire backend that talked the PWG protocol,
and there was another user doing this as well, however the Linux
Firewire support is still unstable and doesn't appear to support
the transfer modes needed for the PWG protocol.  Therefore,
development of the Linux backend has stopped, but Apple has ported
it to MacOS X, so you will have it there at least...

The USB interface is fast enough to drive the 2200.  The Stylus
Pro printers that support Firewire via the TypeB interface card
support SCSI over Firewire printing (DIP switch setting change
required) and most other vendors support it as well.  IIRC, HP
is also supporting IP over Firewire, so you can use the AppSocket
(port 9100) type of connection for them.

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