[cups.development] CUPS can't handle high frequency of request!

Sanjay Mishra Samishra at quark.co.in
Wed Jul 14 23:50:18 PDT 2004

My system has high traffic for creating PDF files and I have a CUP filter
(myCUPSFilter)which simply transfer the data it received to pictwpstops
filter. After around 100 transactions I find that CUPSD throws errors like
'can't fork myCUPSFilter". But when I slow down the traffic a bit( reducing
the freqeuncy with which the request was received) the number of
transactions increased to 600 and more without any error. Could any of you
give any idea where to look for.
I also increased the MaxClient value to 1000 and MaxClientPerHost to 300 as
I wanted a different number than 10% of MaxClient. This change alone
increased the transaction count to 140 without errors.
Is it that CUPS can't handle high traffic and client should control the
frequency of the request? Or there are some configuration parameters that I
missed out and must do to run my application.
Sanjay Mishra
Phone +91-172-229-9932
Quark, Mohali

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