CUPS won't print. Need HELP

Jeremy Johnson acc5 at
Mon Apr 4 10:41:07 PDT 2005

Hi, I hope somebody can help.
I'm running gentoo64 with
with a Canon BJC-2000 printer
with Canon-BJC-2000-bjc600.ppd

The printer was printing last Friday.
Then this morning it won't print.
I've gone to http://localhost:631/admin
and clicked on "print test page" and the
job completes but nothing prints.
In self-test mode the printer works so it isn't
The tail of /var/log/cups/error_log is:

D [04/Apr/2005:13:15:27 -0400] [Job 22] KID3 exited with status 0
d [04/Apr/2005:13:15:28 -0400] select_timeout: 11 seconds to process active jobs
D [04/Apr/2005:13:15:28 -0400] [Job 22] tail process done writing data to STDOUT
D [04/Apr/2005:13:15:28 -0400] [Job 22] KID4 finished
D [04/Apr/2005:13:15:28 -0400] [Job 22] KID4 exited with status 0
D [04/Apr/2005:13:15:28 -0400] [Job 22] KID3 finished
D [04/Apr/2005:13:15:28 -0400] [Job 22] Renderer exit stat: 0
D [04/Apr/2005:13:15:28 -0400] [Job 22] Renderer process finished
D [04/Apr/2005:13:15:28 -0400] [Job 22]
D [04/Apr/2005:13:15:28 -0400] [Job 22] Closing foomatic-rip.
d [04/Apr/2005:13:15:28 -0400] PID 6544 exited with no errors.
d [04/Apr/2005:13:15:29 -0400] select_timeout: 11 seconds to process active jobs
d [04/Apr/2005:13:15:30 -0400] PID 6545 exited with no errors.
D [04/Apr/2005:13:15:30 -0400] UpdateJob: job 22, file 0 is complete.
d [04/Apr/2005:13:15:30 -0400] UpdateJob: Removing fd 10 from InputSet...
D [04/Apr/2005:13:15:30 -0400] CancelJob: id = 22
D [04/Apr/2005:13:15:30 -0400] StopJob: id = 22, force = 0
D [04/Apr/2005:13:15:30 -0400] StopJob: printer state is 3
d [04/Apr/2005:13:15:30 -0400] StopJob: Freeing status buffer...
d [04/Apr/2005:13:15:30 -0400] SaveJob: Closing file 7...
d [04/Apr/2005:13:15:30 -0400] SaveJob: Closing file 7...

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