[cups.general] duplex doesn't work - please help

Wolfgang Wegner ww at nt.e-technik.uni-dortmund.de
Tue Apr 5 14:31:23 PDT 2005


another "unauthorized" answer:

> Yes, my test file was created by pstops - I need that ( 8 pages to 1 
> double-sided page).
> So, what are DSC comments and is it save to remove them?

search the mailing list archive for pstops, Helge already
explained to me which DSC comments cause this.

I made a small hack at home to remove those from the psutils
template, and could not see any side effect, but I am far from
understanding postscript well enough to say if it can have an
unwanted effect in special cases.

In case you are familiar with compiling C, get the psutils
sources and look for the common template. (Sorry, it is too
long ago for me to remember where it is found.)

There was some replacement for psutils mentioned on the list,
but it seemed it was only to be used within CUPS and I prefer
to have my documents formatted before printing for a visual
test beforehand, so I did not look after this any further.


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