Unable to convert file 0 to printable format

Daniel Kasak dkasak at nusconsulting.com.au
Wed Apr 6 15:12:43 PDT 2005

Steve wrote:
>>I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "Ubuntu's not using gimp-print".
>>Do you mean that your printer requires gimp-print but CUPS isn't finding
>>it? Did you get it working? If you did, telling the Ubuntu team about it
>>would be a good idea.
> I mean that AFAIK gimp-print is not needed to print using the Postscript driver. (However, again AFAIK, one might need a witch doctor and a necklace of shrunken heads to print using the Postscript driver...)
> And, no, CUPS is still not working for me.

Have a look at:

It's for an Optra E321 instead of your E322, but it should be the same.

It says you should use the hpijs driver. Do you have that installed?
Half-way down the page, there is a link to a PPD for the E321. Download
it, put it in /usr/share/cups/model and restart CUPS. Then go and set up
your printer again via the web admin tool, and make sure you select the
driver that you've just installed.

The Optra supports postscript printing, and the hpijs driver is supposed
to be very high quality, so the printer really should work 'perfectly'
as advertised on LinuxPrinting.

If it doesn't work, post the output of your CUPS logs with the debug
level at the highest setting.


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