Windows 2000 PostScript driver - where can I get it?

Andre Doeking doeking at
Sat Apr 9 11:15:25 PDT 2005

> Andre Doeking wrote:
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> > Hello!
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> > In another thread I receive the following message (I asked something about the Cups Windows Treiber 5RC3:
> >
> > "This driver is no longer being maintained, and the bug is fixed in the Windows 2000 PostScript driver supported by CUPS 1.1.23."
> >
> > Actually we are using Cups 1.1.22 delivered with Fedora 3.
> >
> > It should not be the problem to install the newest version, but it seems that I don't correctly understand the usage of the Windows 2000 PostScript driver.
> >
> > The Windows 2000 PostScript driver is the same like the Cups-Driver 5rc3, isn't it? Else, where can I get the Windows 2000 PostScript driver? It is possible delivered with Cups 1.1.23 or can I receive it elsewhere from the internet.
> >
> > Thank you for your answers!
> >
> If I remember correctly, the folks at easysw still are fighting some
> quirks with that
> software (putting the CUPS related extensions into it), but you may use
> the original
> driver supplied with the W2K system as it is.
> Helge
> PS: Be aware that that driver has serious issues with certain Type1
> fonts (so called
> Pi-fonts) the glyphs of which have names outside the WinAnsi range.
> --
> Helge Blischke
> Softwareentwicklung
> SRZ Berlin | Firmengruppe besscom


Thank you!

We are using Windows XP Professional on our nearly 200 clients. I hope that this os supply a original postscripter, too.

Where can I find the files for this original postscript driver on a Win2K or WinXP System?

Is it possible to handle these files like the Cups driver, which means, that I have to put these driver files into the print$ from samba?

Andre Döking, Ärztekammer Westfalen-Lippe, Germany

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