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Greg Folkert greg at gregfolkert.net
Sat Apr 9 12:29:21 PDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-04-09 at 12:07 -0400, Helge Blischke wrote:
> fraz wrote:
> > 
> > Is it possible to have two admin groups?
> > 
> > Or is it possible by using pam and winbind to use windows group members as
> > 
> > printer administrators?
> > 
> > regards
> > 
> > Franz
> > 
> > Thank you in advance
> > >
> > > Look into your cupsd.conf for the SystemGroup keyword. Tha value of this
> > > keyword is the name of the UNIX group the members of which are printer
> > > administrators.
> > > You only need to add additional users to this group.
> Though I never tried it, according to the source code more than one
> system group
> is possible. And, PAM is supported (if installed on your system);
> winbind probably not.

Ummm, hmm. Winbind can be a pam auth mechanism. Cups does support groups
quite well through pam as well. You just have to specify the groups
allowed for what where in the cupsd.conf

I have SAMBA setup as an LDAP PDC,  CUPS does just fine doing auth
against it that way, using pam. Which leads to cups also can query LDAP
through PAM or even could/should use (somehow, but I am not sure)
kerberos v5 tickets, too.

greg, greg at gregfolkert.net

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