cannot print foreign chars using netware printer

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Mon Apr 11 09:42:44 PDT 2005

> olga at wrote:
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> > Foreingn language characters such as cyrillic do not print. I have the printer set up as Networked Novell (NCP) (NetWare version 5.70). It's HP LaserJet 8100. It prints Cyrillic from XP fine, but I can't seem to print pages in Cyrillic from Fedora 2. Pages in English print just fine. What files do I have to configure? Please HELP.
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> > Olga
> You didn't tell what kind of jobs you are trying to print (plain text or
> postscript from
> an application or what?). But in any case, you MUST make sure that the
> job contains
> the fonts needed (except for those resident in the printer itself, if
> any).
> Tell more about your configuration and please post (an URL to) a sample
> file.

For example I was trying to print the following url:
The pictures came out ok, but text in Ukrainian was not there. The space was empty with the exception of a few garbled characters. I think I printed postscript.
How do I make sure the job contains the fonts? Where do I specify that.
Thank you.


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