[cups.general] Unable to create cert file... too many open files

Klaus Singvogel kssingvo at suse.de
Mon Apr 11 13:16:28 PDT 2005

Sun Advocate Webmaster wrote:
> I'm having a very unusual error with cups. The daemon fails every few 
> hours. I get this error (repeatedly):
> E [10/Apr/2005:10:37:49 -0600] AddCert: Unable to create certificate 
> file /etc/cups/certs/0 - Too many open files

Sorry, never heard about it. :(

> I haven't done anything special with the config. I installed cups on my 
> SuSE computer, and then used YaST2 to set the printers up.

Which SUSE version or (better) which CUPS version do you run?
In a terminal window, like xterm, run this command:
	rpm -q cups

Ever looked how many process user "lp" is running in the system?
In a terminal window, like xterm, run this command:
	ps auxww | egrep ^lp

How do you print? From a remote windows host via samba? From your
local host with a local application, like OpenOffice.org?

Sorry to say, but a weird problem.

Best regards,
Klaus Singvogel
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