CUPS issue on my G-5

Anonymous anonymous at
Tue Apr 12 09:15:18 PDT 2005

> > I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask this=20
> > question, but here goes...
> >=20
> > I run OS 10.3.8 on a G-5. I am trying to use the internal=20
> > modem for sending and receiving faxes.
> >=20
> > Apple did not create a way to see if your faxes were properly=20
> > sent. Someone at Apple had me use my browser... set it to=20
> > http://localhost:631/printers
> >=20
> > This gives me a screen that shows the printers I  have hooked=20
> > up including my internal modem. By viewing this screen I can=20
> > see jobs that have been completed. Jobs that are pending.=20
> > (Received faxes go to a folder on my hard-drive.)
> >=20
> > Problem: 1. If I send a fax and then want it to stop I am=20
> > denied access. It asks for my name and password. I put in the=20
> > main name and password for the machine (administrator), but=20
> > it won't accept it. Is there some other password I might have=20
> > set months ago that I forgot about? Can I remove some file=20
> > and reset my password for the CUPS?
> >=20
> > Problem 2: Is there anyway to control the modem? Hang it up?=20
> > Disengage it? ? Reset it?
> >=20
> > I formerly used Global Village's software for faxing and it=20
> > was very good. Reliable. I could see just where I was in the=20
> > sending process and what had been either sent or received. I=20
> > rely on my computer for faxing. I need something reliable. If=20
> > not this process is there some software that will work with=20
> > the modem and do what I require? Any help is greatly appreciated.
> KaCe,
> 1 - You usually login to the Admin area of CUPS using the root username
> and password, which is *usually* disabled by default in OSX. You will
> need to enable this using the NetInfo Manager. (off the top of my head
> is in /Applications/Utilities/NetInfo Manager) This will then allow you
> to do what you wish.
> *Think* you should be able to allow a different user to admin CUPS using
> the web interface, hence obviating the need to enable root, but you'll
> need to edit the cupsd.conf file to achieve this.
> 2 - Yeah, the GV software was nice under OS 9, unfortunately they are no
> more :(  This area of OS X is to be honest quite poor and I have yet to
> find a nice solution (anybody out there found one). On my TiBook,
> however it came with FaxSTF from SmithMicro (is an older one so came
> with Jaguar which had no faxing ability at the OS level). This is quite
> a bit nicer in that it does have reporting and additional features
> regarding faxing (scheduling for cheap-rate phone times, etc). Also
> interacts with the OSX Address Book and has tools to *fiddle* with the
> modem. Admittedly it isn't quite as fluid as the OSX software, but is
> better regarding the reporting et al. However it still doesn't really
> have the flexibility you used to have with the GV software.
> Dan


I can get to the NetInfo/Manager but I don't know what to do. How do I edit the cupsd.conf file?

I see:local host/ (under that are several choices:

I thought maybe CUPS would be with pinters, but nothing is there. Then I thought maybe it's a "users" type thing, which has many choices, but none are CUPS.

I'm sorry to be such a pain, but where is the cupsd.conf file... and what do I do when I find it?


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