[cups.general] CUPS issue on my G-5

Matt Broughton walterwego at macosx.com.invalid
Tue Apr 12 17:08:44 PDT 2005

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 "Hawker, Daniel" <Daniel.Hawker at animal.co.uk> wrote:

> > Problem: 1. If I send a fax and then want it to stop I am 
> > denied access. It asks for my name and password. I put in the 
> > main name and password for the machine (administrator), but 
> > it won't accept it. Is there some other password I might have 
> > set months ago that I forgot about? Can I remove some file 
> > and reset my password for the CUPS?
> > 

> 1 - You usually login to the Admin area of CUPS using the root username
> and password, which is *usually* disabled by default in OSX. You will
> need to enable this using the NetInfo Manager. (off the top of my head
> is in /Applications/Utilities/NetInfo Manager) This will then allow you
> to do what you wish.

Enabling root and using the root name and password has failed for many 
people.  I have a simple patch on my website 
<http://my.vbe.com/~mbrought/ShadowHash_Patch.html>.  This will replace 
your cupsd.conf file with one that will not require a username and 
password.  It is one of the recommendations for dealing with the 
problems that is outlined in cups.org article 191 

I don't think that alone will allow you to cancel a job from the web 
interface.  I have not yet found the right combination of entries in the 
cupsd.conf file to allow me to cancel jobs via the web interface.

> *Think* you should be able to allow a different user to admin CUPS using
> the web interface, hence obviating the need to enable root, but you'll
> need to edit the cupsd.conf file to achieve this.
You can add users or groups to the SystemGroup, but you still run into 
the problem mentioned in the cups.org article.  There is no way for CUPS 
to get at the password for most users.
> 2 - Yeah, the GV software was nice under OS 9, unfortunately they are no
> more :(  

I agree that GV fax software was the best.  At least my GV modem still 
works well.

Matt Broughton
Only relatives are absolute.

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