blank page befor real page

Olav Rogall technik at
Tue Apr 12 23:20:25 PDT 2005

hello all!

here in my network is a hp-jetdirect printserver installed. at this 
printserver is a brother hl-1250 laserprinter.

i print pure textfiles and postscriptfiles from a linux machine (suse
8.0) with cups v 1.1.12.

if i print textfiles everything is ok.
if i print postscriptfiles, i allways get a blank page befor the real page.

the postscriptfile is only one page, not two. ;-)

printing is done with the following command:
lp -d Printserver_EG -o media=upper /tmp/

if i print with the cups-admin-webpage a testpage, there is no blank page.

i'm confused. where is my fault?

MfG Olav

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